Monthly Retainers
We strongly believe in ongoing monthly retainers, because it is the continual publicity and promotional campaigns that bring results. We often work several months in advance of publication for a specific magazine deadline or special project. We plan and implement many promotional programs and publicity opportunities simultaneously for each client.

Our monthly retainers include all creative and client-service time. Out-of-pocket expenses, such as long distance telephone, postage, printing and mileage are billed separately.
On occasion, we work "on assignment" when a publicity project has a natural start and end, and a retainer arrangement is not practical.
We are available as consultants for specific projects that require publicity and marketing direction.
Positive Results
We have stacks of newspaper and magazine clippings, TV and radio clips to prove our capability, along with client endorsements. However, we make no promises because we are not in a position to "manage" the news, or decide what ultimately gets covered. We obviously are doing many things right. We have stood the test of time.