Publicity Placement

"I saw you on TV news last night" or "What a great article about your business in the paper" are the types of responses we want our clients to hear. Studies show that a well placed article, column, electronic interview is five times more likely to create awareness than a paid ad.

Ongoing positive media coverage--third party endorsement-raises visibility and credibility and is an important ingredient in an overall marketing plan.
Specialists in:
  • Promoting Businesses
  • Products
  • Events
  • Nonprofits
  • Joan Collins Publicity, Inc. is a hard-working, assertive, publicity and promotions firm. We specialize in obtaining publicity coverage in the media and internet for businesses as well as non-profit organizations. We study the potential publicity opportunities and work diligently with appropriate editors and reporters. We pitch article ideas, disseminate news releases and media kits, write feature articles and arrange newspaper, magazine, radio and television coverage for our clients on a local, regional and national basis, depending on the needs of the client.
    We work closely with the media. We are in continual contact with the right editors, reporters, free-lance writers, TV assignment editors, radio news and promotion departments, and web writers.

    Depending on the nature and needs of our clients, we initiate and promote special events and grand openings, develop speaker's bureaus, nominate clients for business awards and generate ideas into specific promotions and publicity projects. We publicize the accomplishments of executives and key staff.

    It is our responsibility to brainstorm, create, develop and implement promotional campaigns to inform the mass media and/or targeted trade journals and special interest groups about the services and products of our clients. We team with social media firms, photographers, advertising and marketing agencies as the need arises, while we stay in our publicity and public relations "niche".

    Our goal is to continually build positive awareness through a comprehensive public relations program. We are not an advertising agency with a public relations "division." We are specialists in promoting businesses, products, events and nonprofits - through publicity.